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                  WOMEN'S CONFERENCE

                               April 23, 2016

                    CONCORD BAPTIST CHURCH
                             3376 HARMONY RD.
                                   TEMPLE, GA


                        TIME: 9:15 AM TO 2:00 PM

                   REVEALING THE WOMAN WITHIN...



 This, the second in the series, study was written, and will be taught, by local
                                inspirational Author and Speaker

                                             Beverly S. Rollins


                                      Worship in song provided by 

                           Southern Gospel recording artist

                                       Linda Foster


                            Vonda Easley of Hey Ya'll Radio


                                    Charlie Sexton

                         (sound and musical accompaniment)


                      Testimonials by other very inspirational Women!


Has God ever awakened you from a deep sleep in the wee hours of the morning talking to you? This experience is both horrifying and gratifying in the same instance. On the morning of February 25, 2013, 4:30 a.m., God began to whisper words to me. This did not last for just a second but for about an hour and a half. In my grogginess, I decided that I probably should sit up and pay attention, so I did. I sat up, switched on the light, grabbed for my devotional and started to read. Why, you ask, did you start to read? Well, I am not sure but I think that I thought God was going to show me something in my devotional that would explain these words that were whirling around in my head. As I read, my devotion for this day was about God’s love for me, his unconditional love for me. I kept reading and trying to find a message or meaning to what was whirling inside my head...then I stopped!

Very silently, I sat for a moment, and then I switched off the lamp. Sitting quietly in the darkness, God began to permeate my thoughts ever so gently. First, there was this thought of how, in my past, I had hidden myself behind a facade of how I wanted the World to view me, and how different that was from the truth of who I actually was, at that time. ALL of us have made mistakes, errors in judgment, bad decisions...SINNED!

Revealing the Woman Within...(the series) was inspired by God, Himself, that morning in the dark, as a Workshop for Women where we can come together and meet, head on, that demon that lives inside us that keeps us from being ALL God would have us be! The very first woman, Eve, made a mistake, an error in judgment, a bad decision, she sinned and that act caused her to begin to try to “cover herself” from God, and to take on the shame and disgrace of her sinful act because Satan told her she was guilty.  Thus, the first in this series titled Naked and Unashamed!  ALL of us girls have "sinned and come short of the Glory of God"...ALL! 

Some, if not all, of us tend to allow Satan to "throw" those sins in our faces, continually, throughout our lives.  We pray and ask God for forgiveness, and He forgives. But in no time at all Satan, again, is back and digging up those old sins and begins his evil strategy to make us feel guilty all over again!  I know this because I have battled with Satan for most of my Adult life over things from my past.  Bent but not a study of the women of the Bible that were "not so perfect" to say the least!  In our study we are going to take a look at some "unlikely" Women of the Bible that God used in a mighty way! 

 Through the Holy Scriptures, God is going to guide YOU and ME to a place where we can be spiritually healed and relieved of the guilt and shame of OLD sins that Satan continually throws in our face.   We are going to journey onto the path of these Women and see that God used them BECAUSE of their infirmities and imperfections!  How much more OBVIOUS is our GOD than when He takes the unusable and uses them in such a mighty way?  How much more OBVIOUS is the might of our God than when He takes the filthy rags of the World and weaves them into silk scarves that shines a light so brightly on HIS Glory, Honor and Power!

You may be saying, "well I am already saved".  So am I, since childhood!  But, just because we are saved doesn't mean we are perfect!  The fact that we already are a child of God gives Satan more grief and causes him to attack us harder and harder.  You see, Satan already owns the LOST person.  He just wants to cause those of us who know Jesus as our personal Savior to be LESS EFFECTIVE FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST because we feel guilty and shameful.  Maybe, you are not saved and don't know Jesus....YOU my dear friend need to understand that there is not one person EVER that has accepted Christ that was worthy, sin-free, perfect, not one!  AND, there is no Christian anywhere on this planet who is sin-free either, we simply have the promise of God's forgiveness and eternal life!   But, because of the sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary...WE ALL can find FORGIVENESS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS !

Join me PLEASE on this journey to spiritual freedom and release!

~Beverly S. Rollins

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